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About us

Hotel Universal is positioned along the sea side of Livorno.

For 40 years this ownership focuses its business on the philosophy of hospitality, whatever is the reason of the stay of our guests.

The hotel is perfect for a business or romance stay or a simple stop of your journey.

Hotel Universal, with its 22 bedrooms divided in 6 categories, through its Staff perfectly aligned with the ownership’s vision, is ready to welcome you to make your sojourn in Livorno something that goes beyond the simple stay.

Re-opened in September 2014 after three years of renovation, Hotel Universal offers to our guests a sophisticated and modern design combined with the beauty and elegance of the Liberty style building.

Don’t surprise yourself to see chandeliers with pendants transform into abat-jour melting in the wall.
Surprise yourself of the beauty of the sea. Get yourself soothed by the swell.
Let the experience begin.

Welcome to Hotel Universal. Please, Welcome.